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Probate and Trust Litigation

At Barrister Law Firm, our trust and estate litigation services generally involve a team approach between the estate planning attorneys and litigation attorneys. Very few individuals have the complete skill set needed for such litigation, and general litigators often do not have experience in trust and estate matters, so they run into problems when the issues become too complex. At Barrister Law Firm, our estate planning attorneys and litigation attorneys combine their respective knowledge and skill to provide encompassing trust and estate litigation service to our clients that can rarely be found elsewhere. Through discussion and negotiation, we work to resolve disputes between the parties. But when settlement cannot be accomplished, we can assist our clients with the ongoing litigation procedures and court appearances that are necessary to resolve the disputes that arise in the context of estate and trust administration matters.

From our offices in Orlando, our Probate & Trust Litigation attorneys handle all aspects of trust, and estate litigation, including:

  • Will and Trust Contests
  • Will and Trust Construction, Modification and Reformation Proceedings
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims
  • Discovery of Asset Claims
  • Fiduciary Surcharge and Removal Litigation (Personal Representatives and Trustees)
  • Fiduciary Risk Management
  • Elective Share Litigation
  • Accounting Litigation
  • Homestead Proceedings
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